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BloggersUnite Partners With Patch Adams

BloggersUniteBloggersUnite.org, together with Dr. Patch Adams, BlogCatalog, FriedEggs, Broowaha, Liquid [Hip], Copywrite, Ink., and thousands of bloggers will launch an International Day of Compassion on May 15.

The goal of the event is to bring attention to the need for compassion around the world and ask for the United Nations and countries to issue a proclamation for May 15 to become an International Day of Compassion, which will inspire people around the world to commit to one act of compassion every year.

“These acts of compassion can be big or small,” said Antony Berkman, president of BlogCatalog.com, and founder of BloggersUnite.org. “The goal is to ask questions and change our thinking to become more compassionate with Dr. Patch Adams serving as the ultimate role model — a man who has helped change the world with nothing more than compassion.”

While the name Patch Adams is most associated with the film about a funny, loving doctor who sometimes played the clown, the real Dr. Adams graduated from medical school and opened the Gesundheit Institute with a group of twenty friends, including three doctors.

Their vision was to move into a six-bedroom home in West Virginia and open a free hospital. The hospital was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all manner of medical problems, from birth to death. Since, Dr. Adams has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to a global outreach effort that not only delivers medical aid and supplies to people in need, but also exports compassion and humor from United States while wearing what has become a “red badge of courage” — a bright red clown’s nose.

Everybody Can Do Something No Matter How Great Or Small.

“We’re not asking anyone to duplicate the tremendous work of Dr. Patch Adams… although we would welcome more people to try,” said Berkman. “But we are asking everyone to observe May 15 as the day they make a commitment to be more compassionate, whether that means something as simple as keeping a journal to reflect on the compassion you share on a daily basis or demonstrating a tender lovingness for another human being.”

To jumpstart the International Day of Compassion, Berkman and thousands of bloggers and social network members are joining together to write posts, share stories, update networks, and share tweets about how they have demonstrated compassion on May 15 or how they will commit to being more compassionate in the year ahead.

“I was very fortunate to connect with Dr. Adams after watching his speech at the Mayo Clinic and offered to help him in any way possible” said Berkman. “He suggested that friendship is the best medicine, which is the bond we created in the days that followed and the result of this bond is the creation of the International Day of Compassion.”

Berkman is no stranger to causes. BloggersUnite.org evolved from an initiative into a member-driven social network where anyone can promote social awareness and nonprofit events from all over the world. Since 2007, BloggersUnite.org has also teamed with organizations such as Amnesty International, AIDS.gov, Heifer International, and March of Dimes to promote causes and calls to action that have included the establishment of an International Day For Human Rights, increasing the number of people who volunteer to be tested for AIDS, and bringing awareness to March Of Dimes and its effort to reduce premature birth.

This year, Berkman said he was inspired to promote the International Day of Compassion because it represents the very foundation of every past effort the site and more than 250,000 members of BlogCatalog.com have been working toward since the very beginning. We all wish for and want a more compassionate world, he said.

Berkman said each blogger or social network member will be choosing their own topics about compassion, but BloggersUnite.org has a dedicated page that provides suggestions and other resources.

Berkman said he hopes bloggers and social networks call on the United Nations to proclaim May 15 as the International Day For Compassion. And, optionally, bring awareness to the Patch Adams Teaching Center and Clinic that will eventually provide a desirable model for health care. Any contributions made to the Gesundheit Institute will be used exclusively for the capital campaign.

A Littler History About Bloggers Unite.

Since 2007, BlogCatalog’s Bloggers Unite campaign has evolved from the first blogger-driven social awareness campaign initiative into a self-sustaining social awareness network. More than 250,000 bloggers interact on BlogCatalog.com every day and provide the foundation for BloggersUnite.org. This campaign is not limited to blogs. Members of any social network may participate.

In addition to BloggersUnite.org and Dr. Adams, the campaign is supported by the generous efforts of the executives, staff, and members of BlogCatalog.com, FriedEggs.com, Broowaha.com, LiquidHip.com, and Copywrite, Ink. For more campaign information, visit BloggersUnite.org

Awareness is one of the most relevant and meaning forms that individuals and small businesses can support, especially when those ideas are tied to tangible results. The International Day Of Compassion is an excellent example of such a goal.

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