Monday, October 26, 2009

STOP MRSA Now Coalition Launches the Bleacher Brigade to Reduce the Spread of MRSA

WASHINGTON D.C. — This fall, as children across the country head back to school and hit the sports’ fields, there may be one unexpected opponent on their schedule – MRSA. MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a potentially life-threatening antibiotic resistant Staph infection that is becoming increasingly common in places like locker rooms, gyms and schools and it affects more than 90,000 Americans every year.

The STOP MRSA Now Coalition has joined with the North American Booster Club Association (NABCA), NBA-star Grant Hill, and The Clorox Company to launch the national "Bleacher Brigade" challenge to activate individuals and communities across the country to help prevent the spread of MRSA in community settings and at home

“When I was diagnosed with an MRSA infection, it was hard to get information about the illness or even how to help prevent the spread of it,” said Grant Hill, STOP MRSA Now member. “This infection is becoming an issue in community settings across the country and that is why, as an athlete and a father, I am joining STOP MRSA Now to offer a playbook on prevention so that everyone can get in the game to help reduce the spread of MRSA.”

Participation in the Bleacher Brigade challenge is easy and rewarding!
• Visit
• Download the free STOP MRSA Now Playbook and distribute copies among your community
• Post the STOP MRSA Now prevention tips, links to the Web site and playbook, and videos found on to personal Web sites, blogs, community and organization Web sites and other online channels
• Request and distribute prevention posters for display in community settings
• Use the form on the STOP MRSA Now Web site to submit all the ways you are helping to prevent the spread of MRSA at home and in your community and include photos and links to where you have posted information
• Three submissions will be eligible for a Bleacher Brigade prize pack including an autograph from Grant Hill and $500 gift card.

“People can carry MRSA without any symptoms and can transmit MRSA to others, especially in community settings," said Everly Macario, STOP MRSA Now member, whose healthy 1 1/2 year-old son, Simon Sparrow, died suddenly in 2004 from MRSA. "That is why we owe it to our children, families, and communities to learn more about MRSA and how to reduce the spread of it."

STOP MRSA Now is a coalition of community members who have experienced first-hand the threat of MRSA and MRSA experts who are committed to working together to reduce the spread of MRSA in community settings and to educate community members on MRSA prevention.

The Clorox Company is committed to helping prevent the spread of MRSA. As part of this commitment, Clorox is honored to support the STOP MRSA Now coalition to educate community members about the importance of understanding more about MRSA and how they can help prevent the spread of MRSA in their community.

The Stop MRSA Now Coalition is fortunate to have such suitable advocates, like Grant Hill and The Clorox Company. Speaking from his own experience, Grant Hill makes a powerful champion for the cause. Additionally, The Clorox Company brings a tangible action into the mix with their product being, in a sense, the anecdote to MRSA. Through The Clorox Company's generous inkind donations, volunteers are able to reduce the risk of MRSA.

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