Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Christie Cookie $25,000 Charity Giveaway Generates More Than 100,000 Nominations Nationwide

NASHVILLE — A little cookie company's sweet idea to help struggling nonprofit organizations is generating big support, as more than 100,000 fans have nominated their favorite charity for The Christie Cookie $25,000 Charity Giveaway. In marking their 25th anniversary, Nashville-based Christie Cookies will select the 12 charities with the most votes to share the cash prize.

More than 900 nonprofits and charitable organizations in all 50 states have received nominations since the giveaway contest began in August. Fans across the country can visit The Christie Cookie Web site through October 15 to vote.

The Top 50 most-nominated charities are listed on the Christie Cookies website, with continuous updates. Organizations, which are rallying much of their support through websites, eblasts and social networking sites like Facebook, are encouraged to use the easily downloadable web banners, e-mail messages and posters from the Christie Cookies site to promote their campaigns.

In an effort to thank loyal customers, Christie Cookies launched the $25,000 contest in response to a rising climate of decreased contributions to nonprofits during the past year.

"Our company guarantee is that Christie Cookies will put a smile on your face," says Sue O'Donnell, executive vice president. "In celebrating our 25th anniversary, our goal is to bring even more smiles - especially in these tough economic times - by helping organizations dearest to our customers."

A fitting celebration of a 25th anniversary -- a continuation of good will. For a quarter of a century Christie Cookies has brought joy to their costumers via their delicious cookies and now they are bringing joy to there consumers in a new and impactful way. Christie Cookies is engaging their public and asking them to choose nonprofit beneficiaries for the $25,000 donation. This says, you have invested in our cookies, now we will invest in a cause important to you. Simply put, a wonderful way to interact with your customer.

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