Monday, August 24, 2009

Cup O' Joe for a Joe

Larkspur, California — For over twelve years, and in more than 65 cafes throughout the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia and North America, Green Beans Coffee has provided a welcomed moment of respite where deployed services members can relax, enjoy premium organic coffees, teas and fresh baked pastries, hear great music and for a few minutes, escape into a peaceful oasis of tranquility that brings a little bit of home with every cup of coffee served.

Now, with the introduction of CUP OF JOE FOR A JOE, Green Beans Coffee is giving everyone an opportunity to express their support for our men and women in uniform through the simple act of buying a cup of premium organic coffee and having it delivered along with their own personalized message of thanks to a soldier serving overseas.

For little more than the spare change in one’s pocket plus a few minutes of time, visitors to the Web site can brighten the day and send a little bit of home to a soldier deployed overseas. And in keeping with its continued commitment of service to our troops, Green Beans Coffee will contribute a portion of every purchase for CUP OF JOE FOR A JOE to worthy service organizations that support disabled soldiers, military families and young Americans.

“Green Beans Coffee was founded in 1996 with the mission that every soldier and civilian serving their country away from home deserves a morale boost and an improvement in their quality of life," according to Jason Araghi, CEO of Green Beans Coffee Company. "Our cafes have become a haven to get away from the stresses of the environment they are in, even if it’s for only fifteen minutes a day. Supporting these men and women, we believe, is patriotic and apolitical.”

Araghi goes on to say that during World War II, in excess of twelve percent of the American public personally knew a soldier that was serving. Today, it’s estimated that only about one percent of Americans know a soldier or civilian serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Cup of Joe for a Joe program aims to bridge that gap. This is an opportunity for anyone that supports our troops around the world to reach out, send a message of thanks, and for as little as $2.00, make a difference in a soldier’s day.

Cup O' Joe for a Joe allows friends and family to send heartfelt notes attached to a warm cup of coffee to soldiers overseas. Not only does the money go to purchase a cup of coffee, but a percentage is also donated to non-profits who support soldiers and veterans. Green Beans Coffee provides a terrific opportunity to support the Joes fighting abroad both during and after combat.

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