Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local Companies Donate Goods To Cooling Stations

HENDERSON, Nev. -- No one feels the heat like the homeless in Las Vegas. That's why the city added more cooling stations and local businesses are donating items to make the summer a little more bareable.

Citibank dropped off cases of water, sunscreen, crayons, coloring books, and pencils. In addition, TWI Group donated company t-shirts. These items help distract from the stifling heat and make the cooling stations all the more welcoming.

Also, county employees have been going to parks and handing out water to the homeless along with maps of the new cooling centers.

The cooling stations in Henderson are a place where homeless can relax, cool down, drink some water and get out of the heat. As temperatures climb to dangerous highs, the cooling stations are absolutely necessary.

At Valley View Recreation Center, they call them Compassion Stations, where the homeless can cool off, use clean restrooms, drink water and even enjoy a good book.

“It’s critical because there are lots of places they are not allowed to go -- they don’t feel welcome. And a place like this is for those people but also for seniors without air conditioning and people who need to get out of the heat and don’t have a place to go," said Kim Becker, of Henderson Parks and Recreation.

The cooling stations are Cambridge Recreation Center, Hollywood Recreation Center, Walnut Recreation Center, Dula Gymnasium, Valley View Recreation Center, Catholic Charities, the Salvation Army and Shade Tree. Call 211 from any pay phone to find the nearest cooling center.

This is a great example of how to get involved in the community in a down economy. As the dollars donated to local charities quickly diminish, donating goods can be a great alternative. Even if you think the items are insignificant, you may be suprised at the excitement with which they are received. Sure, maybe a company t-shirt doesn't seem impactful, but if it was the first clean shirt you'd worn in weeks, you might think otherwise. So, survey your office and donate those items collecting dust in the corner. I guarantee someone has use for them.

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