Monday, March 09, 2009

Honest-1 Auto Care Commits to Planting 40,000 Trees

PLEASANT HILL, Iowa – Honest-1 Auto Care will fund the planting of 40,000 trees during the next year to reinforce its commitment as the most eco-friendly auto repair and maintenance chain in the nation.

In a long-term collaboration with American Forests, a leading nonprofit organization that plants trees for environmental restoration, Honest-1 Auto Care, with a location in Iowa, will donate funds to plant one tree for every customer repair order completed at its 19 auto care locations across the nation during the next year. Honest-1 Auto Care is currently the only auto repair franchise chain to enter into a year-long agreement of this magnitude with American Forests.

"As a fast-growing eco-friendly franchise chain, we wanted to partner with a reputable nonprofit whose mission statement toward being environmentally responsible is as strong as Honest-1's," said Jack Keilt, president and CEO of Honest-1 Auto Care. "Over the last year, we have taken the lead in the auto repair industry to be eco-friendly, and our new partnership with American Forests is just another way to give back to the environment."

Beginning in March, customers who bring their car in for a service will automatically have a tree planted on their behalf. For a customer who is vigilant about regular check-ups and routine maintenance, this could result in Honest-1 donating several trees on that one person's behalf. With thousands of repair orders in 2008 and franchise locations increasing, Honest-1 estimates at least 40,000 orders will be placed in 2009. The donated trees will be planted in forests that have been severely harmed by wildfire, disease, pests, development and natural disaster.

Honest-1 is an auto repair and maintenance chain that serves as a one-stop shop for all routine car service needs. Services include ECO TuneUp, ECO Oil Change, air conditioner system service, automatic transmission service, emission inspections, and heating and cooling system service.

American Forests is a world leading nonprofit organization with a mission to grow a healthier world by working with communities on local efforts to restore and maintain forest ecosystems. American Forests' work encompasses planting trees, calculating the value of urban forests, fostering environmental education, and improving public policy for trees at the national level. The organization's goal is to have 100 million trees planted by 2020. With more than 25 million trees planted already, American Forests continues to grow a greener future for the nation and the world.

This is an innovative partnership that benefits urban forests throughout the country. It also gives customers something to feel good about when they take their cars in for repairs or routine maintenance.

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