Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Nanticoke Indian Museum Receives Book Collection

WASHINGTON, DC — Antonio “Tony” Arocho, Esq., principal attorney at Arocho Law Office, has donated an extensive Native American book collection to the Nanticoke Indian Museum & Library of the Nanticoke Indian Tribe in Delaware.

“I am very proud to have my book collection included in the Nanticoke Indian Museum and Library because it plays a very special role in preserving and promoting Native American culture and history,” said Arocho.

The Nanticoke Indian Tribe is a state recognized tribe in the state of Delaware. The Nanticoke Indian Museum and Library is located in Millsboro and houses artifacts such as spears, arrowheads, pottery and jewelry, as well as a library

Arocho Law Office offers a variety of services to businesses and non-profit organizations, including administrative and regulatory law, alternative dispute resolution, business economic development and grants, diversity counseling services, labor relations, lobbying and government relations, and minority/small business reserve certification.

Funding for the library is through POWOW and the donations of individuals and businesses. The museum is placing a strong emphasis on its library, which offers resources such as books and videos designed to educate people about the rich history of the Nanticoke tribe. Arocho's donation will help the museum expand the library's resources.

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