Friday, May 30, 2008

Panther Expedited Services Lends Support to the Prevent Cancer Foundation

ALEXANDRIA, Va. —Panther Expedited Services, Inc. has selected the Prevent Cancer Foundation as recipient of its workplace giving program.

Panther, a leader in premium air and ground transportation headquartered in Seville, Ohio, employs over 375 people and has a contractual relationship with over 2,000 drivers. Each of these employees and contractors will have the opportunity to donate money to the Prevent Cancer Foundation to help further its mission to prevent cancer and detect it early through cutting-edge research, education and awareness programs and community outreach to the underserved across the country. Panther will match a percentage of collected donations.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation (formerly the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation) was started in 1985 when founder Carolyn Aldige first understood the power of prevention to defeat cancer and recognized that too few of the country's resources were used to promote cancer prevention research or education. Today, it is one of the nation's leading health organizations and has catapulted cancer prevention to prominence.

Since its inception the Prevent Cancer Foundation has provided more than $97 million in support of cancer prevention and early detection research, education and community outreach programs. Its peer-reviewed grants have been awarded to more than 300 scientists from more than 150 of the leading academic medical centers nationwide. This research has been pivotal in developing a body of knowledge that is the basis for important cancer prevention and early detection strategies.

Founded in 1992, Panther Expedited Services has grown to the largest independent provider of premium logistics solutions in North America.

The Prevent Cancer Foundation does a tremendous job of educating people about how they can reduce their risk of breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, oral, prostate, skin and testicular cancers, mostly by making positive lifestyle chances. Panther's workplace giving program will help generate funds for this important foundation and impact countless lives through education and research.

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