Friday, February 01, 2008

Coors Brewing Company to Donate 100,000 Pounds of Spent Grain to Aid Deer Feeding Operation

GOLDEN, Colo. — Coors Brewing Company announced it plans to donate more than 100,000 pounds of spent grain to the Colorado Division of Wildlife in an effort to help feed hundreds of deer that have had a difficult time finding natural forage due to the recent snows in the Gunnison Valley.

The spent grain, which is a byproduct of the brewing process, is part of a larger grouping of food that will be formulated into large wafers that are easily digestible for deer. The Division of Wildlife will be dropping the wafers for the snow-bound animals within the next few days with a second load of food being dumped next week.

More than 45 inches of deep snow and extreme cold has left more than 20,000 deer in a precarious situation in the Gunnison Valley and biologists at Division of Wildlife believe that if the deer do not continue to receive feed the extreme winter conditions may lead to excessive winter population losses, which could also have a negative impact on local tourism.

"The recent snows have really put the wildlife in danger," said Colleen Reiter, vice president and plant manager for Coors. "Given our commitment to the environment we feel it's our responsibility to help out. Hopefully, our donation, along with many others, will go a long way to solving the problem."

Coors annually sells about 600 million pounds of spent grain to feed Front Range cattle. Given the urgent nature of this current situation, Coors provided the Division of Wildlife with the spent grain at no cost.

"We very much appreciate this significant contribution by Coors," said Tom Remington, director of the Division of Wildlife. “Coors has stepped up before to help us with our feeding efforts, and this donation will reduce the cost of feed and stretch our resources significantly."

Coors Brewing Company is the third largest brewer in the U.S. The company's U.S. brands include Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Coors, George Killian's Irish Red, Keystone, Blue Moon, Coors NA and Zima.

Although Coors normally sells its spent grain, the company is helping to fill a critical conservation need in its Colorado community to help ensure deer have access to food during harsh weather conditions. It's a fine example of a public/private partnership that benefits wildlife and Colorado's tourism economy.

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