Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pompano Beach Companies Bring Joy to Local Children

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — Everyone needs the occasional reminder to count their blessings. For Pompano Beach-based sister companies B R Signs, Inc. and Is Franchising 4 You?, the chance to do so came this holiday season.

“We looked into a few ideas, including answering letters to Santa through the United States Post Office…then the opportunity to get involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Broward County came about,” said CEO Bill Reicherter.

A holiday party for more than 125 children and 60 adults was planned at the Boys & Girls Club in Pompano Beach. Presents for the children were provided by NBA star Eddie Jones, currently of the Dallas Mavericks and formerly of the Miami Heat. Jones grew up in the area around the club. After speaking with Boys & Girls Club of Broward County director Sam Jordan and Pompano Beach location director Greg Jones, the decision was made to provide food, raffle prizes for the adults and a visit from Santa Claus.

On Dec. 19, 20 employees of B R Signs, Inc. and Is Franchising 4 You? walked into the Boys & Girls Club of Pompano Beach with Santa.

“I felt like a new man,” says Reicherter, “The way the kids and parents looked at us was incredible and inspiring. I have achieved many awards in my life, but nothing came close to the feeing of seeing a young child smile for ear to ear and say thank you when they received a gift from Santa.”

The investment was $5,000 this year. But this was just the first of many charitable ventures for B R Signs, Inc. and Is Franchising 4 You? Reicherter says a successful organization looks into what creates and fosters positive things and finds a way to create opportunity, or at least positive feelings for others.

“I believe [charitable giving] is a social and economic commitment that should be made by companies, the same as they commit to corporate goals, to make a positive impact on another person’s life. You never know, that one thing could be all the difference a young child or adult remembers in life as a turning point of sorts…something that helped make them the person they become later in life,” he said.

IS Franchising 4 You? is an unbiased, solely educational source of franchise industry information dedicated to helping all potential franchise owners make a safer, educated business decision. Through seminars, tool kits and a network of experts, franchisors, owners and suppliers, the company provides information to entrepreneurs.

B R Signs is a design and manufacturing team with over 50 years of experience in the national sign business. The company provides its customers with consistent quality sign solutions where they control the brand and the importance of their image.

This is a fantastic example of what smaller companies can do to lend their support to needy children and favorite causes. The donations directly benefited children and parents in Broward County who might not have otherwise had a happy holiday. Any small company can follow this example and do good in their own community.

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