Tuesday, December 04, 2007

YellowPages.Travel Donates to Multiple Jewish Charities

LOS ANGELES — Yellow Pages Corporation, operator of online YellowPages sites and telephone books including travel Website aggregator YellowPages.Travel, announced it will be donating to multiple Jewish charities, including the Israeli Defense Fund (IDF), Simon Weisenthal Center, and the Jewish Federation.

YellowPages Corporation, an entity that has been providing business directories for nearly 100 years, has entered the travel market with YellowPages.Travel. The site is a tool that enables users to search the top 12 travel websites such as Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Kayak, HotWire, SideStep, Travelzoo and other major travel Websites side by side on one screen without having to search each site individually.

The company announced that it will donate 15 percent of the net proceeds of YellowPages.Travel to select charities listed on its Web site.

Also, users of Google and Yahoo! use SearchBoth.com, a site that places both Google and Yahoo! side by side, on one split screen. Fifteen percent of all revenue generated by SearchBoth.com will also be donated to multiple Jewish charities.

YellowPages.Travel is a tool that enables users to enter their travel and flight information once and have the results pages of the major travel sites placed on one screen. YELLOWPAGES.travel is owned by YellowPages Corporation and managed by InternetLabz.com, an Internet incubation company.

YellowPages.Travel has selected a variety of charities it will support, but we like that customers can vote for the ones they like most. The company donates profits (in this case 15 percent) based on votes (each IP address can only vote once). Even better, customers can submit a charitable organization for consideration to YellowPages.Travel. A nice way to not only support charities, but also a way to involve customers in the process.

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