Monday, September 10, 2007 And Bloggers Call For An End to Abuse

SAN ANTONIO, Texas —, the fastest-growing social blog directory on the Internet, will launch its third social awareness campaign on Sept. 27. estimates as many as 1,500 bloggers will participate by writing about abuse on or around Sept. 27.

“This is the first time in history that social network members have chosen and will collectively promote a single social awareness issue on hundreds of blogs all over the world on the same day,” said Anthony Berkman, president of “We continue to be amazed by the outpouring of support our members extend toward social awareness issues, and think it demonstrates the positive influence bloggers can make in the world when they unite to do good.”

Previous social awareness campaign efforts include: generating awareness and raising funds that directly benefited more than 1,000 students in the United States through (May); and raising awareness about organ donation around the world by increasing organ donation-related stories on the Internet by 10 times the amount last July.

“While the topic is broad and may cover any number of issues related to abuse, ranging from drug addiction to domestic violence, it will be difficult for people not to take notice,” said Berkman. “Since we first introduced the ‘Bloggers For Good’ concept, we’ve committed to fine tuning and improving upon what we have learned from past campaigns. People want to do good and this an especially timely topic as domestic and teen violence is on the rise all over the world.” is offering badges to bloggers as an optional form of recognition. Badges range from campaign-specific messages such as “Stop The Abuse” to general messages such as “Bloggers Unite.” BlogCatalog also invites bloggers to post links to their stories on designated discussion threads so they receive additional recognition for their participation. To date, the announcement thread has received approximately 400 responses in support of the campaign, which is three times more than previous campaigns.

“We have always seen this as an opportunity to empower and recognize bloggers to collectively focus their blogs for good and establish a sense of community by uniting together for worthwhile causes,” said Berkman. “As much as bloggers can write about Britney Spears, we know that they can collectively raise awareness of important issues like education, organ donation, and calling for an end to abuse.”

Berkman said that while he did not specifically ask bloggers to cite a beneficiary, he encourages them to mention a local or national non-profit organization that might benefit. If the campaign succeeds in stopping one person from being abused or assists one victim in receiving the support services they need, then the campaign has done its job. is the first social network directory to organize its members to raise funds for a non-profit organization, first to launch an international social awareness campaign, and first to ask members to select a social awareness topic. Berkman acquired in February 2007 and quickly redeveloped it into a hand-approved social directory with dozens of social media applications.

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