Thursday, July 19, 2007

Companies Donate $25,000 in Services to Clean Lincoln Memorial

WASHINGTON, D. C. — Yesterday, pressure washers planned to clean sections of the Lincoln Memorial to remove dirt, discarded gum and food stains as part of the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) Clean Across America program.

The pressure washers participating in the project will employ professional-grade Sirocco water reclamation systems and other equipment designed to stop runoff from reaching the Potomac River and the tidal basin. Following the guidelines established by the PWNA, contractors will use low-pressure hot water and steam to safely restore the memorial.

"What some consumers don't realize is that using high pressure water to clean historic structures like these can cause considerable damage and these memorials are made of stone. Just imagine how much damage can be caused to surfaces like wood decks and aluminum siding when using high pressure like 3,000 PSI on them," said Henry Bockman, chairman of Clean Across America and project coordinator.

Thousands of dollars in equipment and resources have been donated from manufacturers, vendors and contractors to complete this extensive cleaning project in one day. Project planning and implementation has been coordinated by the following businesses:

• Henry's Housework, a wood restoration and pressure washing company providing deck cleaning and other home maintenance services in Maryland.

• Under Pressure, a pressure washing company from Maryland.

• Sun Brite Supply, a pressure washing supply distributor in Georgia that sells pressure washers, and power washing supplies across the nation.

• Red Fall Contracting, a pressure washing company from Maryland.

• Clean Solution, a pressure washing company from Pennsylvania.

• Clean Again, a pressure washing company from Maryland.

• Aqua Marines, a pressure washing company from Maryland.

• Sun Brite Supply of Maryland, a pressure washer supply company that carries supplies for deck cleaning and offers a variety of other pressure washing services.

Additional companies supporting the project include: Hydramotion Cleaning Systems in Pennsylvania; Sun Brite Supply from Georgia; Pressure from California; Devour Catering from Washington DC, Latimat from Canada; KBK Graphics from Ohio; Sun Brite Supply of Maryland, and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Ohio.

Power Washers of North America is the contractors’ association for the power washing industry. It is a leader in developing and communicating the highest standards in ethical business practices, environmental awareness, and safety through continuing education and active representation of the membership.

This volunteer project nicely demonstrates how small businesses can work cooperatively to tackle a large project that benefits everyone.

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