Tuesday, July 03, 2007

BlogCatalog.com Launches Global Awareness Campaign

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — BlogCatalog.com, one of the fastest-growing social blog directories on the Internet, will launch its second social awareness campaign, this time to benefit organ donor awareness worldwide. The campaign, BlogCatalog Community Organ Donor Awareness Campaign, asks directory members (bloggers) to write about organ donation on July 18, provide links to donor information sites on the Internet, and link back to BlogCatalog if they want to receive credit for their contribution.

“In May, we focused on education and one organization. The response was really overwhelming and I’ve been personally touched and inspired by it,” said Antony Berkman, president of BlogCatalog.com. “I knew our members had been developing one of the friendliest social networks on the Internet, but our efforts in May really proved how generous bloggers can be. They directly benefited more than 1,000 students nationwide through DonorChoose.org.”

This time, Berkman says he wants to invite even more bloggers to become involved by focusing on an important social issue that impacts the world — organ donation. Some estimates he has read report that more than 1,700 people need transplants in Australia, more than 170,000 in Europe and the United States, and more than 2 million in China.

“When you look at the numbers, it’s very frightening. People are dying because they need organs and there are not enough available,” says Berkman. “BlogCatalog.com members helped raise awareness and funds for education in May. This time we are hoping they come together in July and help change the world by raising awareness about organ donation.”

Berkman said the BlogCatalog.com team researched hundreds of sites about organ donation and picked several to help provide bloggers with information. In the United States, they include OrganDonor.gov, UNOS, and MatchingDonors.com. He also encouraged directory members outside of the United States to list sites hosted in their countries and drew attention to British Organ Donor Society, which is known for a worldwide link page. For BlogCatalog.com participation information, see the announcement.

“Another great site is Transplant Success, which lists dozens and dozens of individual success stories,” said Berkman. “But we really encourage directory members and other bloggers to write about what they want, whether it is to focus on a success story, stop the organ black market, or encourage people to fill out a donor card. What’s important is that on July 18, organ donation will be one of the most talked about topics on the Internet.”

BlogCatalog.com will also credit participating bloggers by linking to their blogs. BlogCatalog.com is the first social network directory to organize members to raise awareness for a global campaign. For more information about the directory, visit blogcatalog.com.

While organ donation is a personal decision for many people, we think the campaign to generate awareness so people can make a better informed decision. We like that BlogCatalog has set guidelines for the campaign without setting any requirements.

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