Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nut Company Raises $17,000 For Disaster Relief

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY — became an online donation collection center during the largest television cancellation protest in history (Jericho). In doing so, it has raised almost $17,000 for Greensburg, Kansas, a town hit by a series of devastating tornadoes in May.

For every pound of peanuts shipped as part of the protest to save the show, donated 10 cents to the Greensburg Rebuilding Fund. In addition, raised more than $3,000 in T-shirt sales (with all proceeds donated to disaster relief efforts) and collected more than $9,000 in direct donations made by Jericho fans.

The decision to cancel Jericho might have been reversed yesterday, but Greensburg still needs disaster relief. For more information on how you can donate direct through the NutsOnline program, visit

Our company's blog, Copywrite, Ink., covered much of the show protest, but we did not have an opportunity to cover this store's generosity in developing this program as it deserves. It's an interesting idea that we hope can be duplicated by other companies during time of need. Out of necessity, great ideas are born. And in this case, came to the call. Well done.

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