Monday, June 18, 2007

Mittal Steel Donates For Water Quality

CLEVELAND —Mittal Steel USA donated $30,000 and an acre of land for the purpose of developing and testing prototype bulkheads designed to help improve water quality and increase the fish population in the Cuyahoga River.

The donation will be made to the Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan, which must raise $125,000 for the project. The new bulkheads(retaining walls) will replace existing steel plates built more than 70 years ago, which are used to shore up land along the river leading toward Lake Erie.

The donated land, which is along the river bank, will be donated to the city of Cleveland.

Mittal Steel USA is the largest steel producer in the United States and a major supplier to the North American automotive industry. The company serves customers in the trucking, off-highway, agricultural equipment and railway industries. It also serves the appliance, office furniture, electrical motors, packaging, industrial machinery and other manufacturing sectors.

This donation is significant because it will not only help to improve water quality, but also increase the declining populations of more than 70 species of fish.

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