Thursday, April 12, 2007

Production Company Supports Social Awareness

LAS VEGAS — Madeline Parquette, owner of Madeline Parquette & Associates, a full-service video production company, has opened Epiphany Video Group, a 501(c) 3 non-profit production video production company. The new non-profit video production company will develop and produce social awareness public service announcements and documentaries.

“The idea to bring social awareness into the community through video came to me while I was working with children at the Spring Mountain Youth Camp,” says Parquette. “When I witnessed, firsthand, the difference I could make in the lives of youth via a combination of development skills through improvisation and the production of a documentary that aired at CineVegas Film Festival, it gave me the inspiration to create a company dedicated to assisting others while raising funds for non-profit organizations.”

Spring Mountain Youth Camp is a staff-secure correctional facility that houses male youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who have been adjudicated for delinquent acts by the Juvenile Court judge. The camp is located is located at Angels Peak in the Mt. Charleston Recreational/Toiyabe National Forest Area.

Parquette worked with youth to develop improvisational scenes, self-expression, and break down stereotypes that prevented cooperation and respect. By learning to see themselves not as stereotypes, but rather by what they could do, youth reported that they learned important life skills they would carry with them for life.

Borrowing from the lessons learned at Spring Mountain Youth Camp, Parquette is hoping to turn to youth and young adults to assist in the production of social awareness videos with diverse topics, ranging from teen pregnancy to service in the armed forces. All proceeds after the cost of production will be donated to non-profit organizations that provide direct benefits to the community.

“Right now, we see several possibilities to initiate a project,” says Parquette. “We will either pursue underserved social awareness issues that we see in the community or hope non-profit organizations with corporate sponsors might fund a public service announcement or documentary. It creates wins for everyone — we assist youth by engaging them in the project, the production of a compelling video project, the demonstration of corporate citizenship, and then provide the non-profit organization with the tools it needs to raise much needed funds or awareness.”

Madeline Parquette & Associates will also donate time and resources to Epiphany Video Group. Madeline Parquette & Associates has worked with dozens of companies, including HBO, IBM, Intel, and Showtime.

Parquette’s career accomplishments include working as a segment producer for the Jenny Jones Show, and as a field producer for HBO, ESPN, Showtime, and Entertainment Tonight. She began her career as an actress. Her film credits include “Casino,” “Highway,” “Mugsy’s Girls,” and several more, including leading roles in several stage productions.

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