Monday, April 30, 2007

Copywrite, Ink. Sponsors Volunteer Center

LAS VEGAS — Copywrite, Ink. Writing Services, Inc. (Copywrite, Ink.) has signed a limited licensing agreement with the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada (Volunteer Center) to promote volunteerism in Nevada and raise funds for the center through an independent sponsor agreement. The agreement grants Copywrite, Ink. limited licensing rights of the Volunteer Center’s trademark and slogan for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing online merchandise to raise funds.

Copywrite, Ink. will donate time and invest in graphic images, photographs, and materials needed to create and merchandise designs that will promote volunteerism. The merchandise is available through its online merchandise storefront, which is powered by Copywrite, Ink. will donate as much as $2 per item to the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada.

“Volunteers are often the cornerstone of our communities, giving time, talent, and energy to accomplish great things,“ says Richard R. Becker, president of Copywrite, Ink. “It is our hope that the online merchandise will raise funds for essential services that the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada provides.”

Becker said many of the designs were and will be created by in-house talent, but as many as 20 graphic artists from around the nation have expressed interest in designing volunteer messages based on his company’s ideas. The first selected to participate in the program is Seattle-based designer Curtis Sharp.

Becker said that he initially intended to produce most of the designs, but with assistance from socially aware designers, he will be better able to focus more time on adding other non-profit organizations and enhancing the store.

“Copywrite, Ink. came to us with an interesting sponsorship proposal to help us raise funds and promote volunteerism,” said Fran Smith, executive director of the Volunteer Center. “Having worked with Richard Becker on various non-profit activities, it was easy to become the first non-profit organization to participate.”

The Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada provides resources to groups and individuals to help them deliver creative solutions to community problems through volunteerism. It provides several vital resources in Las Vegas, including connecting people with opportunities to serve, workshops for volunteer management, and mobilizing volunteers.

Copywrite, Ink. is a leading strategic communication and writing services firm, with experience on more than 1,000 accounts. Becker has assisted numerous non-profit organizations since founding the company in 1991.

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