Thursday, March 22, 2007

Reno-Gazette Journal Recognizes The Bain Family

RENO, Nev. — Kudos to Lenita Powers at the Reno-Gazette Journal for her article that captures the power of human kindness. While the article represents the qualitative side of personal giving (as opposed to business giving), it serves as a reminder that if one family can make a difference, then one company can make dozens or hundreds or thousands of differences.

Here is an exert from the piece:

Kathy and Dave Bain always seem to have room for one more.

In the past seven years, they've opened their home and their hearts to dozens of foster children who have been victims of physical abuse, were born with fetal alcohol syndrome or whose parents were in prison.

So last fall, when they learned eight brothers and sisters needed to find one home so they wouldn't be separated, the Bains' found room for them as well.

"We never had planned to take care of this many kids, but when eight children came up, it was like, 'Oh, my God, they need a family to keep them together, get them to school and just be there for them," said Kathy Bain, an assistant manager at a Reno bank.

On Dec. 29, the Bains became the foster parents of Mariano, who turns 12 later this month, Angie, 11, Lupe, 9, Ofelia, 6, Andrea, 5, Bidi, 4, Francisco, 3, and Gabriel, 2. The couple already has three adopted children -- Jennifer, 15, Tyler, 6, and Jesse, 5. They also are the foster parents of two children, ages 2 and 9, who can't be identified because their parental rights have not been terminated.

Not counting their biological son -- 19-year-old Mitchell, a student at Simpson University in Redding, Calif. -- that adds up to a total of 13 children who are now part of the Bains' household. Snowflake and Noble, a white cat and a husky-mix dog adopted from the local shelter, round out the family.

"We go to Costco and Sam's Club the way other people go to 7-Eleven," said Dave Bain, who trains foster and adoptive parents for Washoe County.

The family goes through seven loaves of bread and 14 gallons of milk a week and can put away a 6-pound bag of chicken at one meal. A heavy-duty Kenmore washer and dryer get a workout three times a day to handle the 25 loads of laundry done each week. "And sorting the socks is like doing a 1,000-piece puzzle," Kathy Bain said.

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