Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Public-Private Venture Helps Nonprofit Buy A Ram

Yorktown, New York — There is a Nevada ram named George living the high life in New York. He was brought to Hilltop Hanover Farm from Nevada by HV Woolworks, a nonprofit started by Shirley Bianco that has 43 sheep munching grass and hay on a farm where the spire of the Empire State Building is visible on clear days.

Nevada-born George is on a mission that will benefit both the nonprofit and area business. His job, though unlikely, is to enjoy the ewes and make high-end wool in Westchester. If he succeeds, Westchester hopes to create jobs, preserve open space, and maintain an agricultural presence in the region.

Westchester County originally purchased 183 acres of the old dairy farm in 2003 for $3.1 million, and it has partnered with a number of agricultural organizations to keep it running as a working farm. Bianco, an environmental advocate from Bedford who previously worked as a currency trader, had an idea in 2005.

Visit The Journal News for the source story. We included it here because it presents a great case study in how nonprofits and business and government can work together toward common goals. Besides, as mentioned, George is a Nevada native.

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