Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year - NBCB Update

Happy New Year! We have two announcements to share as a sneak preview for 2007.

Submitting Your Company's Non-Profit News

In 2006, we did not report on as many corporate community relations and non-profit efforts in Nevada as we would have liked (for reasons I won't share today), but we're hoping to reverse this in 2007 with your help. If you own a company or work for a corporation operating in Nevada that is engaged in non-profit activities anywhere in the state, please make sure you add this blog to your public relations or notification list. Our goal is to publish great case studies, best practices, and news releases that will inspire other companies to give more. We would like to post one per day, every Monday through Friday.

Non-Profit Fundraising Opportunity

Copywrite, Ink. Writing Services, Inc. (Copywrite, Ink.) would also like to extend an open invitation to two non-profit organizations for the consideration of a new fundraising idea, managed by our company. By granting Copywrite, Ink. a limited licensing agreement, we will design and promote community service messages (on T-shirts, posters, etc.) with your logo through a new online merchandise store.

There is no risk or obligation to promote/purchase by the non-profit organization. A portion of any proceeds generated by the merchandise will be donated back to the participating organization. For consideration or more information, please send us an e-mail (listed below, replace the (at) with @) along with a link to your Website. While we may open this to additional non-profit organizations in the future, we are limiting participation to two non-profit organizations at the outset.

Simply put, we hope to raise funds for two worthwhile organizations without any cost or time commitment on their part. This effort is part of our new community service plan for 2007 and is not limited to organizations inside Nevada.

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