Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ComputerCorps Benefits From Businesses

Carson City, Nev. — After computers donated by businesses and individuals, ComputerCorps upgrades, repairs them, and gives them to children in disadvantaged circumstances. The result is their "Every Home a Classroom" program, which has put more than 6,000 computers into homes where children otherwise may not have one.

According to the Nevada Appeal, ComputerCorps launched the program six years ago in which a home with school-aged children can obtain a "free" computer system - monitor, keyboard, mouse and other equipment - in return for community service rather than cash.

"Each member of the family (9 years of age or older) who uses the computer is asked to donate 10 hours of community service at the organization of their choice," Norton said. "It can be a school, church or their favorite nonprofit."

For additional ways, please see the article at the Nevada Appeal. For information on the program, visit ComputerCorps or call 883-2323.

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